As a result of the global economic crisis in 2008, the UK Government has introduced new legislation to protect the economy, taxpayers and banking customers. Because of this, all large UK banks are required to keep their high street businesses separate from their wholesale and investment banking divisions. This is called ring-fencing*.

This means we have made some changes to the structure of our business in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man (CI and IoM). Personal and commercial banking customers in the CI and IoM will remain with HSBC Bank plc. Personal and commercial banking customers with an account in the UK will move to a new part of the bank called HSBC UK.

All our customers, whether in the CI and IoM or UK, will continue to benefit from the support, experience and knowledge that HSBC provides.


*This link may allow you to access another HSBC Group website. Please read the terms and conditions of the linked website, which may differ from the terms and conditions of this website.


Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for you?
If you’re currently a personal or commercial banking customer with accounts in the CI and IoM, your banking relationship will remain with HSBC Bank plc.
Some commercial banking customers categorised as non-bank financial institutions and all of our global banking & markets customers will also remain with HSBC Bank plc. If you’re one of our customers who has a banking relationship in the UK and CI and IoM we’ll be in contact with you separately.

Will this affect my Online banking?
If you use Online banking we will have contacted you to ask you to start using this website, rather than There are a few changes to the Online banking platform, which we wrote to you about in September. The way you log-on will remain the same and you will not need a new secure key or password.

For further support with our online services, please visit our help page.

If I receive a new card, will I need a new PIN?
No, your PIN will remain the same.

Can I change my PIN on my current credit card?
PIN changes are restricted for a 3 day period while your card number is updated. Please don’t change your PIN until you receive your new card. If you think your PIN is known by someone else or you’ve forgotten your PIN please call our contact centre on 03456 00 61 61.

I’ve just received my renewal card, will I still be sent a new card?
Yes, you’ll still be sent a new card with a new 16-digit number.

How long will my existing card remain active for?
Your existing card will remain valid for a maximum of 60 days, until your old card expires, or until you use your new card, whichever happens first.

How do I activate my new card?
You will need to activate your new card(s) as soon it arrives via one of the following methods:

Cash machine
Make a transaction or check your balance and your new card will be automatically activated without any on-screen notification.

Online banking
Select the account you want to activate the card for, then click on ‘Activate new card’ and follow the instructions.

Please use the number on your card. Once your new card is activated please sign it and dispose of your old card.

Do I need to update Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Paym?
Yes, if you use these services, you’ll need to update these with your new card details.

What about my regular card payments?
We’ll automatically update any payments where you’ve given ‘continuous authority’; e.g. an online streaming or magazine subscription you took out by providing your card details at the time.

You’ll need to update your ‘digital wallet’ for any online retailers you shop with where the retailer holds your card details. For regular payments, e.g. breakdown cover or an insurance policy, you’ll need to contact the providers and give the new card details.

Will this affect my credit or transaction history?
No, there’ll be no change to either of these.

If I pay my credit card by direct debit, do I need to sign a new mandate?
No, direct debit mandates will be transferred over automatically.

Will I need to update my standing order or bill payment details which I currently have set up to pay my credit card bills?
If you make payments directly through online or telephone banking or SWIFT you’ll need to update the payment details using the information on the back of your next statement.

What’ll happen if I’ve not updated my standing order or bill payment details, and the payment is made to the old credit card?
The payment will automatically transfer over to the new card, however please make sure that you update your standing order or bill payment details as soon as possible to avoid any delays in payments being credited or fee’s being applied to your account.

I made a purchase using my current card and require a refund, will this reflect on my new card?
The transaction will be transferred onto your new card for you automatically.

As a Premier credit card holder will I still earn reward points?
You’ll continue to earn Premier rewards points and if you’re registered with HSBC rewards partners (Lounge Key, Boingo Wi-Fi, iPass, Expedia+ Gold etc.) you’ll need to provide the company with your new credit card details.

What If I have an HSBC Gold Visa card? 
You’ll receive a new HSBC Credit card with new branding. Your terms and conditions will remain the same.

Where can I get more information?
Please call our helpdesks on: 03456 00 61 61.