Reliable savings that are easy to organise - you can open as many Flexible Saver accounts as you have reasons to save.

Key benefits

  • Open an account with £1
    You can save any amount. Put in a lump sum or save a little at a time, starting from just £1
  • Save a bit every month
    You can choose to save by standing order, by making ad hoc payments or by transferring a set amount into your Flexible Saver every month
  • Access the money instantly
    Take out and transfer money whenever you like, with no notice
  • Watch your money grow
    Earn interest on your savings. HSBC Advance customers are eligible for preferential rates.
  • Manage the money any time
    Choose from Telephone and Online Banking available 24/7, subject to scheduled maintenance periods. You can also pop into any of our branches nationwide
  • Turn off paper statements
    We’ll issue you with 6-monthly statements, but if you prefer, this can be switched off and your transactions can be viewed online


Please ensure you can answer YES to the following question:

  • Are you aged 16 or over?

Your eligible deposits with HSBC Bank plc are protected up to the limit of your local Compensation Scheme.