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Welcome to HSBC Global Private Banking

Everything we do is dedicated to growing, managing and protecting your assets.

HSBC Global Private Banking helps you unlock a new world of opportunities

How we manage your wealth

Everything we do is dedicated to growing, managing and protecting your assets. We align our expertise in banking, investments and wealth management with your individual needs, putting you at the center.

We believe private banking is at its best when you have a personal relationship with a manager who knows you, your family and your business. Your Relationship Manager lies at the heart of this tailored service, responsible for ensuring that the products, services and advice you receive remain appropriate as your situation changes.

Managed the right way, your wealth can be a tool that helps you achieve your goals. We're here to help you do just that.

Advisory services

We offer a disciplined and robust investment approach, with you at the heart of the process. Our advisory relationship starts with understanding your investment goals and objectives and considers the level of risk you're comfortable with. Everyone's investment needs are different so you decide the level of engagement you need from us and we'll support you in making informed decisions.1

Discretionary services

While managing your investments is a top priority, it may require more time and attention than your busy schedule permits. HSBC Discretionary Portfolio Management is precisely designed to address this situation: investors who desire peace of mind and the time to focus on other priorities can hand over day-to-day investment responsibility to us, while retaining control over the limits of your risk appetite.

The investment world is broad and complex. With more than 500 specialist investment professionals in 30 countries researching, assessing and investing in equities, fixed income, funds and alternative investments, HSBC is well placed to ensure your objectives are met.1

Whether you want to work exclusively with our managers, or allow us to select third-party managers, all portfolio management is founded on four common principles:

  • dynamic asset allocation: the core driver of your portfolio's performance returns a set of asset allocation choices riven by our expert team
  • rigorous rebalancing: your portfolio will benefit from a disciplined process of rebalancing, intend to optimise long-term risk and returns
  • risk management: central to our investment philosophy is putting in place controls so any activity undertaken in your portfolio is within your risk tolerance
  • cost efficiency: a consistent focus on negotiating the most competitive fees

Financing Services

From the traditional to the innovative, we offer a broad range of credit products and services, and have the capabilities to provide financing against a wide range of assets.

Our credit advisory team will work with you to understand your financial situation, plans and aspirations. We'll connect you to financing that will best support your long-term goals.


HSBC Private Banking services are available for those clients with assets over £1,500,000 (or currency equivalent), including any assets already held across HSBC in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. HSBC Private Banking's ability to service clients in some markets is restrictive so please submit a call back request to check your eligibility and the services available to you based on your residence.

It's important to note that the capital value of, and income from, any investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

We're here to help you. Find the answers and while you're at it, tell us how we could do better.