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Savings accounts

A range of savings accounts to meet your needs

Limited offer Savings Booster

  • Limited time offer 1.00% AER/Gross

  • Deposits must be new to HSBC Channel Islands & Isle of Man

  • Save between £10,000 and £2,500,000 (£5m for joint accounts).

  • Limited time offer ends 12 October. May be withdrawn early or rates may change.

Terms and conditions apply.

1.00% AER / gross

Limited time offer on 3 month fixed rate saver

HSBC Regular Saver

Save up to £3,000 at a fixed rate of interest for 12 months.

  • £25 deposit to open

  • Deposit at least £25 a month. The monthly subscription limit is £250. However if you do not save £250 in any given month you can carry over any unused subscription to following months

  • No partial withdrawals allowed during the 12 month period

2.75% AER / gross

Interest rates fixed and paid after 12 months

HSBC Online Bonus Saver

Bonus interest in any month you don't make a withdrawal.

  • £1 deposit to open

  • This account is exclusively opened and managed online

  • Instant access with no charge

  • Earn more interest in months when you don't make any withdrawals

Up to 0.25% AER / gross

Interest for the calendar months you don't make a withdrawal


0.01% AER / gross


For any calendar month during which you make a withdrawal

Interest rates variable and paid monthly

HSBC Flexible Saver

Save for whatever is important to you.

  • £1 deposit to open

  • Instant access with no charge

  • Transfer funds in real time to or from your HSBC Premier Current Account

0.01% AER / gross

Interest rates variable and paid monthly

HSBC Premier Savings

Available to HSBC Premier customers only.

  • £1 deposit to open

  • Transfer funds immediately to or from your HSBC Premier Current Account

  • Instant access with no charge

0.05% AER / gross


Interest rates variable and paid monthly

HSBC MySavings

An easy way to save for 7-17 year olds.

  • £10 deposit to open

  • Take out money at a branch if you need it

  • Instant access

  • On your 11th birthday you'll get a MyAccount which comes with an HSBC Visa debit card

2.50% AER (2.47% gross)

On Balances up to £3,000

0.25% AER / gross

On balances over £3,000

Interest rates variable and paid monthly

HSBC Fixed Rate Saver

Choose to save for a fixed term of 6 months or 1 year.

  • Minimum deposit £2,000

  • For deposits of £50,000 or more, early withdrawals in full or in part are not permitted

  • For balances below £50,000 early withdrawal in full is possible subject to a fee of 90 days' gross interest

  • Available to HSBC Current Account or savings account customers

0.25% to 0.40% AER / gross


Depending on amount invested and term chosen.

Interest rates fixed and paid monthly, annually or on maturity depending on the term.


AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. This shows you what the gross rate would be if interest were paid and compounded each year.

Gross is the rate of interest if interest were paid and not compounded each year.


Your eligible deposits with HSBC Bank plc are protected up to the limit of your local Compensation Scheme.

Find out more about how our savings accounts can help you reach your goals:

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