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Secure Key

If you use online or mobile banking, our Secure Key gives you added protection against the threat of fraud.

What is a Secure Key?

If you use mobile or online banking, a Physical or Digital Secure Key gives you added protection against the threat of fraud. The Secure Key generates a temporary code, meaning only you can access your accounts online. You can even use Touch ID or Face ID for Apple, or Fingerprint ID for Android, if you have a compatible device with the Digital Secure Key, making it quicker and easier to safely log on. 

Fraud alert: Never give out your security codes to anyone. Criminals pretend to be people you trust like a company you pay bills to, HSBC or even the police. To find out more, visit our Fraud Guide.

Why choose the Digital Secure Key?

  • It's part of the HSBC Mobile Banking app - you won't need to worry about where your Physical Security Device is.
  • Use it to log on to both mobile and online banking. The Physical Secure Key only works with online banking.
  • Easy access - Digital Secure Key is integrated into the app. You won't need to generate a code to log on, just use your Digital Secure Key PIN.
  • Biometric ID - if you have a compatible device, you can log on using Face ID or Fingerprint ID.

How do I switch from a Physical Secure Key to Digital Secure Key?

1. Download the HSBC CI & IoM app

After you've downloaded the app, enter your username and then select 'Continue'.

2. Important changes

Make sure you've read the important changes and then select 'Continue'.

3. Activate Digital Secure Key

Choose an option to verify it's you so we can activate your Digital Secure Key.

4. Generate security code

Generate a 'Log on security code' on your Physical Secure Key, then enter it on your device.

5. Create a Digital Secure Key PIN

Enter and confirm your new Digital Secure Key PIN.

6. Your Digital Secure Key is ready to use

Don't forget, you'll no longer be able to use your Physical Secure Key.

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