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Basic Account

Simplify your banking

Basic Bank Account

Our Basic Bank Account is designed only for customers who don't qualify for our other accounts (for example because they are insolvent, in financial difficulty or have a poor credit history).

Learn about our Bank Account before applying, it may be more suitable and has some great benefits.

Apply for an Basic Bank Account today:


With the Basic Bank Account you'll get:

  • Banking your way

    24/7 internet & telephone banking, and our mobile banking app.

  • Transfer money easily

    Setup one off regular payments to friends & family.

  • Easy cash withdrawals

    Withdraw up to £300 a day.

  • Pay bills the simple way

    Set up payments by direct debit and standing order.

  • VISA debit card

    Subject to status.

  • Hassle free switching

    The current account switch service is simple, hassle-free and supported by our dedicated switching team. The Current Account Switching Service is not offered by all banks in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Please check whether your existing bank supports the service.


To be eligible to apply for a HSBC Basic Bank Account:   

  • you need to be 16 years or older
  • your residential address must be within the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • you must be able to provide us with proof of your identity and address
  • you must not continue to hold a bank (payment) account with another Channel Islands or Isle of Man provider
  • you are happy for us to undertake a credit register search (PDF)  

How to apply

Request a call back

Complete our contact form quoting

‘Basic bank account’

Apply by phone or in branch

Book an appointment to apply by phone or in branch by calling: 

03456 00 61 61

You’ll need to provide identification, proof of your address and a recent bank statement.

Frequently asked questions

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