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There's protecting your wealth in the short term, and then there's preserving it for the long term.


As a Jade client you will experience enhanced day to day banking services giving you access to a suite of privileges. These include special attention for lending requests, priority call response times and exclusive terms. This service is designed specifically to give you more.  


Jade members

Log on to HSBC Jade Concierge Services for inspiration, exclusive bookings and your team of lifestyle experts.


To maintain your existing Jade account and retain the benefits, provided under the Jade by HSBC Premier Membership programme, you must:

  • maintain a relationship balance* of £500,000 in cash savings and/or investments with HSBC in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • pay your annual income into your Channel Islands or Isle of Man HSBC Premier Bank Account


*Relationship balance refers to the amount of savings and/or investments you hold with HSBC. This excludes HSBC UK, M&S Bank, First Direct and HSBC Expat.

Speak to your Premier Wealth Manager to find out more about Jade. Your eligible deposits with HSBC Bank plc are protected up to the limit of your local Compensation Scheme.

If you are no longer able to meet the Eligibility criteria, your membership and access to HSBC Jade and all it’s benefits will be removed. We'll give two months' notice in writing before this happens.

Terms and conditions

Please remember that the value of investments, and any income received from them, can fall as well as rise, is not guaranteed and you may not get back the amount you invested. This could also happen as a result of changes in currency exchange rates, particularly where overseas securities are held or where investments are converted from one currency to another. We always recommend that any Investments held should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment, at least five years.

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