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Maximise your security online

Enjoy extra peace of mind with free anti-virus and IBM Trusteer Rapport security software.

We strongly recommend that you install IBM Trusteer Rapport security software.

IBM Trusteer Rapport adds valuable security when you log on to HSBC Online banking. It checks that you are using the real HSBC website and not a fake. It locks down the link between you and the bank so that fraudsters can't listen in. Finally, it blocks all known viruses that target online banking.

IBM Trusteer Rapport doesn't replace your Online banking security details or other protection such as anti-virus software. It works with them to add extra security. It only takes a few minutes to install the software and there is no need to restart your computer. For more information about how IBM Trusteer Rapport works, for technical support and system requirements, visit IBM Trusteer*.

*Some of these links may allow you to access non-HSBC websites. HSBC Bank plc has no control over the linked websites and is not liable for the use of it. 

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