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To switch or not to switch?

March 2022

Have you considered switching bank accounts but decided it was too much hassle?

It might be easier than you'd think. In fact we'll do everything from contacting your existing bank to inform them of the switch to moving all your Direct Debits.

It's easy to assume that switching your current account could be an arduous task. It’s commonly cited as the top reason why people tend not to switch. However, almost 8 million people have used the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) since it launched in the UK in 2013. It’s a service guarantee which HSBC has signed up to that switches everything for you in 7 days.

If your bank isn’t signed up to CASS, HSBC will help you manually switch.

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So, why switch to HSBC?

We're investing billions in digital technology all over the globe to make banking easier and more secure. Our aim is to essentially put the full power of HSBC in every customer’s pocket. Locally we have a comprehensive range of online and mobile backing services and just recently we’ve launched an online investment platform.

The International Investment Centre (IIC) provides access to hundreds of funds enabling customers to take control of investment decisions online and at a time that suits them.

Customers can sign their mortgage documents digitally and HSBC remains one of the few providers of credit cards to islanders across the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Our local, dedicated Channel Islands and Isle of Man contact centre team are available to support HSBC Premier customers with their unique understanding of island-life. We have an 11 strong branch network across the islands providing customers with easy access to our people. There are no monthly current account fees and we have an Island Privileges rewards programme for Premier and Advance customers.

Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Emma Bunnell said: "Customers are rightly looking for banking services that are convenient, customer focused and a blend of both digital and people experiences. I'm extremely proud of our current account services, product range and wealth expertise. Our hassle-free switching service, where our absolute focus is our customers' needs is a window to the excellent supportive customer service we offer everyone at HSBC."

Ready to Switch?

Not all banks in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man offer the Current Account Switching Service. Please check whether your existing bank supports the service.