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Digital Secure Key Setup

Getting started

During registration for online banking you'll be asked to set up a Secure Key. You can use your phone or tablet to set up a Digital Secure Key, on your compatible device.

If you have set up online banking using a Physical Secure Key and wish to upgrade to a Digital Secure Key visit our guide for this topic.

1. Complete the online banking registration steps to create your username, memorable answers and password. When you reach the activation page for your Secure Key keep the screen open and access the HSBC CI and IoM Mobile Banking App on your chosen device.

2. Follow the instructions on screen to log on to the app, making sure the details match what you entered during registration. 

3. Enter the validation code as it appears on your browser. Press Validate.

4. To activate your Digital Secure Key on this device, we will need to send you an activation code. Select your method of delivery and input the code once received. 

5. Create a Secure Key password which is a combination of letters and numbers, between 6-9 characters. Press ’Complete activation’. 

You can now log on to mobile and online banking using your new Digital Secure Key password. And on compatible devices use biometrics (Touch/Face ID or Fingerprint ID) to access mobile banking.


Manage your personal accounts easily and securely from your mobile phone.


Manage your money 24/7 with online banking.

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