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Using your card abroad

Need flexibility when managing your holiday money?

At HSBC we want to help make things easy and convenient for you when travelling abroad. Take your HSBC cards with you and use your card in the same way you do at home, and with the same security you'd expect from your bank too...

Easy and Convenient

  • Purchases
    Whether you're shopping or at a restaurant, enjoy the convenience of using your HSBC cards anywhere that displays the logo on your card (fees apply)
  • ATM cash withdrawals
    Whether you're away on business or on holiday, you can use your HSBC cards at cash machines abroad whenever you need extra local currency (fees apply)

Peace of Mind

  • Safe and secure
    Take with you the security of using a card from your bank who you know and trust. And your cards will be protected in the same way as they would be in the UK.
  • Track your spending
    When using your HSBC cards abroad you can easily keep track of your spending in just the same way you do at home. Just log into online or mobile banking.
  • Tell us you're travelling
    At HSBC we automatically monitor accounts for unusual transactions. By letting us know you're travelling abroad we can update our records and it will
    reduce the chance of us declining a transaction whilst you're overseas. This will only take a few minutes to set up. Please look at the useful information tab
    on more ways to let us know you are travelling.
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